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This section is not designed to replace the rules of the condominium.
It is full of tips on things most of us have learned the hard way.
We hope it clears up confusion and explains why certain rules are in place.

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Air Conditioner/Heater Units
BBQ Patio
Building History and Structure
Building Security
Door Decorations
Exercise Room
Exhaust Fan System
Fire Prevention and Alarm
Front Door Call System
Imagineers LLC Management
Lost and Found
Mail and Other Delivery Services
Moving Truck Notification
Newspaper Deliveries
Parking Tips and Winter Snow Removal
Phone Numbers
Plumbing Leaks
Renovations and Repair of Unit
Resident Information
Service Request
Shopping Carriages
Storage Bins
Steam Showers
Suggestions and Comments
Trash Chutes, Dumpsters and Recycling
Wheelchair Accessibility

• After Hours Emergencies

     At any time of day, if you have a health, fire or police emergency, immediately call 911. The West Hartford Fire Department has a key to open the front door and the West Hartford Police dispatcher has a code for the door he can give the officer.

     If you need to contact the Hampshire House Condominium Association in an emergency after business hours or on a weekend please call Imagineers answering service at 860-768-3471 and press option 4. The answering service knows who on the staff is on call. Please call in plumbing leaks immediately.
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• Air Conditioner/Heater Units

     In 2009 the Association arranged a group purchase of new AC/Heating units and many owners participated. The new units are quieter, more efficient and easier to maintain. If your unit was not upgraded and you are interested in participating in any future group purchase please speak with our building superintendent or call the maintenance office at 860-233-1247 and leave a message.
     Whether or not your AC/Heating units were upgraded, the units need regular annual maintenance to lubricate the motor and install new filters. In particular, the drain for water condensation during cooling must be checked to prevent water damage to your floors and units below. The Association has a mandatory spring maintenance service each year for a fee based on number and type of HVAC units. New units are less expensive to maintain than old units. Costs to service older HVAC blowers ranged from $65 to $95 for 2013. Units with the new HVAC blowers range from $50 to $80 depending on the number of HVAC units.

One bedroom condos have 2 AC/Heating units.
Two bedroom with one bath condos have 3 AC/Heating units.
Two bedroom with two bath condos have 4 AC/Heating units.

If you do not allow the Association to service your units and the condensation pan and drain overflow, you will be responsible for any water damage to your unit or units below. Reminders will go out each spring when the maintenance is scheduled.
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• BBQ Patio

     One of the most popular gathering places at Hampshire House is the area with picnic tables and grills between the two buildings. Please open the top cover of the grill before turning on the gas and igniting. If you are unsure how to light the grills, please ask a staff member for a quick demonstration.     Please turn off your grill when you are done cooking and use the scraper stored underneath the grill to clean burnt food from the racks. The gas grills are available year round and many hardy residents grill well into the cold weather.
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• Building History and Structure

     Hampshire House was built in 1962 as apartment buildings and turned condo in 1986. Prices ranged from $120,00 for a one bedroom to $155,000 for a two bedroom/two bath unit.
    The building is constructed of fire resistant masonry with concrete floors and brick exterior. Interior studding is aluminum.
     There are eleven units on each floor: 4 two bedroom/two bath, 1 two bedroom/one bath and 6 one bedroom/one bath. The total number of units is 132.
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• Building Security

     Please do not prop exterior doors wide open while loading or unloading items. In addition to the security risk, in winter this causes rapid cooling of the entire lower level of the building and it takes a long time to reheat it. If you open a window in a common area such as the exercise room or laundry, please remember to close and LOCK the window before you leave the area.
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• Door Decorations

     The Condominium Association allows a small personal decoration to be hung on the unit door. This must be done without putting any holes in the door. An over-the-door hanger is suggested. Residents are asked not to hang or place artwok, decorations or furnishings in any other location in common areas. Common hallways have fire code restrictions on obstacles in hallways that would catch fire or impede someone in a smoke emergency. If you have a suggestion or complaint on the decoration of common areas, please address this to the Board of Directors. Polite protest can lead to the relocation of a painting.
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• Exercise Room

     In the rear of the 893 building is an exercise room with treadmills, an elliptical machine and free weights. Please wipe down pieces of equipment when you are done with it and return all weights to their storage locations before leaving. Please report equipment in need of repair to our maintenance staff at 860-233-1247.
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• Exhaust Fan System

     Each kitchen and bathroom in the condominium has an exhaust duct on or near the ceiling. Exhaust fans drawn air up to the roof through a separate tube for each unit. These vents remove moisture and odors from the units. The fans are shut off during the night from 11:30 PM until 6:30 AM for quiet and to save on heat and air conditioning. Please do not cover over the interior vents.
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• Fire Prevention and Alarm

     At Hampshire House fire prevention and fire alarms are taken very seriously. Years ago, the condominium experienced a fire and the community learned we are all responsible for each other's safety. Luckily our buildings are very well built of brick and block. Please obey all rules pertaining to fire code.
     The maintenance staff will replace the batteries in smoke detectors annually in January. Residents should test their smoke detectors at least every four months. Please do not remove the batteries from your detector. If your detector fails a test or begins beeping, please contact the maintenance staff for repair or battery replacement. This is for the safety of all residents.
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• Front Door Call System and Old Phone System

     The front door call box will ring your personal phone and you will be able to talk with your guest. Pressing and releasing the number 6 on your phone will unlock the doors to admit your guest. Please remember to tell your guest your unit number as it is not displayed with your name in the call box. You can view the front entrance on your television on channel 918 if you have Comcast.
     The phone on the wall in your unit's entryway was used years ago by doormen, but its speaker is still used as part of the fire alarm warning system. For your safety, please do not dismantle or remove the old phone system. If the Hampshire House Association ever decides to reinstate a doorman, this system is still functional.
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• Imagineers LLC

     The Hampshire House Board has hired Imagineers LLC, on Farmington Avenue in Hartford, to manage the condominium association.

Sheila Duncan is our property manager and Rachel Fazzino assists her. You can reach Rachel at 860-768-3471 Option 3.

Sheila Rachel

Printable Management Contact Sheet

Past Management Newsletters
Jan 2016
Nov 2015
Spring 2013
Fall 2012
March 2012
March 2011
Spring 2010

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• Insurance

All unit owners at Hampshire House are required to have HO-6 insurance coverage in case of a fire or other damage.

The Association's master insurance policy will cover restoring a unit to its original status plus cover any improvements made by the owner. You should have loss assessment coverage equal to or greater than the association's master policy deductible. The new state regulations allow the association to bill the unit owner for the deductible.

The unit owner should purchase insurance to cover:

1.    Personal Contents i.e. clothes, jewelry, furniture, electronics, etc. The Association's policy does not cover replacing personal belongings.

2.    Displacement - Should the owner (not tenant) be displaced during the rehab of the unit, they will need compensation for lodging and the moving and storage of their possessions while the unit is repaired. There is always a time limit placed on this type of policy. An example of this would be if your wood floors were ruined by flooding water and needed to be torn up, replaced and sealed.

3.    HO-6 Coverage - This covers the structure. It should be at least the amount of the Associations deductible. If the Association passes the deductable onto the homeowner, HO-6 coverage takes care of it. It you cause damage to another unit, you may be responsible for the Association's deductible on that unit even though your own unit did not sustain damages. Please talk to your insurance agent to make sure you understand your HO-6 coverage.

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• 3 Keys - exterior, unit, storage

     Exterior keys provide access to the exterior doors of both buildings, the garage, the exercise room, library, storage rooms and the pool enclosure. The board changes the exterior locks and distributes new keys if unauthorized persons are found to using exterior keys.

     Unit keys are provided to each unit owner. The Hampshire House Declaration requires the Maintenance Staff have a master key for all units. This is done to allow quick entry in the event of a 911 emergency or signs of water damage or smoke. Residents must request a unit lock change from the association. During staff hours, Monday thru Friday 7:30 AM to 4:00 PM, our staff will assist residents locked out of their unit at no charge. After 4:00 PM there is a $75 fee for staff member overtime.

     No additional locks can be installed on the unit door. Doors that are drilled for an additional lock will have to be replaced to restore the door to fire code. This includes chain locks, slide bolts, etc. The condo door and frame are steel and the steel dead bolt inserts into this frame making it more secure then add-on locks. For maximum security use both locks and make sure the door knob lock is engaged. When both locks are engaged the door will not move if you pull or pull or push on the handle.

     Owner added locks have caused delays in health emergencies in the past. During a fire emergency one of our staff members was injured breaking through an owner installed lock. If you have installed a lock please remove it.

     The door closer on your unit door is also part of the fire code and should not be removed, though they may be painted. In a fire, door closers prevent smoke and fire from spreading to additional units as occupants flee.     Lock and key sets for storage bins were distributed years ago to allow staff to have master key access in case of fire or pipe leaks. Many of these locks have been lost over the years but the staff does still have keys to certain bins where they need access. Association bin locksets should be returned to the staff if you move. In an emergency, the staff may need to cut an owner's bin lock if they cannot reach the owner.

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• Laundries

     Each building has its own laundry room with five washers and five dryers. All the washers and dryers were installed new in fall of 2011. The laundry rooms also have tables for folding and a seating area. Although washers only average a few loads a day, they are used more often during the weekend. The Association asks that only two machines per unit be used at one time. Washers are for the use of Hampshire House residents only.

     A machine in the laundry vends cards that you can load with money to operate the washers and dryers. Malfunctioning cards can have their credit refunded by contacting the laundry maintenance company.

     Heavy, greasy stains should be washed out in the sink before adding the item to a washer. If a load is heavily soiled, please check the washer drum with a piece of paper towel to make sure you have not left a residue that can damage the next load. If so, rerun the washer on hot water. Remember to empty pockets of items (sharps, lipsticks, crayons, chewing gum, etc.) that might damage your load and subsequent wash loads.

     Washers are designed for regular or HE (high efficiency) detergents. Washers have settings for heavily soiled clothing, regular washes and small loads. To add bleach or stain remover to a load, start the washer empty and let it fill to 2 to 3 inches of water. Add the bleach or stain remover to the water and then add the clothing. While additive dispensers were convenient in our old washers, they tended to become caked with residue and mold.

     Dryers are timed for one hour and the timer does not stop when the door is opened. If you accidentally open someone else's dryer while it is running please restart the machine. Additional ten-minute intervals can be added to the drying time by reinserting your card.
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• Library

     There is a library/card room located in the lobby of 887 Farmington Ave. Please feel free to borrow books from and donate books to our library. The library can be reserved for a private meeting, card party or other small group.
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• Lost and Found

     Our building superintendent maintains a lost and found box for items left behind in common areas. Residents also sometime leave found objects on the console table in the mailrooms.
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• Mail and Other Delivery Services

    Each building has its own mailroom. Keys for the mailboxes are provided by the mail carrier. US Postal Service package mail is left by the carrier in the mailroom and is delivered by the staff to your door.

     The staff will sign for packages from UPS and FedEx if you are not home and deliver them to your door. Staff prefer to slip your signed packages just inside your door if you are not home because they have taken responsibility to see them delivered, but will leave them in the hall if you insist.
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• Moving Truck Notification

     Because the parking close to the building is limited, the Association must limit the number of moves per day. Multiple moving vans cause congestion and compete with residents for short-term parking and elevators. This can slow down the loading/unloading process for everyone.

The association will reserve parking space for your moving truck and give you use of the rear elevator for your move. Please will out the Moving Form and contact the building superintendent before you sign a contract with a moving company. Any damage caused to common property during a move is the responsibility of the unit owner. There is a $100 fee for a move that is used to repair wear and tear on the elevators.
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• Newspaper Deliveries

     The Hartford Courant is delivered to the unit door of subscribers. Other papers, such as the New York Times and Wall Street Journal, are left on the outer lobby desk. On weekdays our staff will deliver your paper from the lobby to your door if you alert them of your subscription.
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• Parking Tips and Winter Snow Removal

     Hampshire House parking spaces are attached to the unit deeds. Usually the condominium units are sold with one or two numbered spaces. Garage and deck spaces can be sold separate of a unit sale and occasionally change hands among owners. Spaces may also be rented from an owner who does not use it or is away for the winter.

Sales of a parking space from one owner to another are private transaction but must be recorded in the West Hartford land records. The Association must also be notified of the sale. Spaces may not be sold to someone who is not a unit owner. Only Hampshire House residents may use the Association parking areas.

     Please report your vehicle's color, make, model and license plate number to the staff when you move in or change cars. The building superintendent has decals to identify residents' vehicles. Please put your sticker on the driver side of the rear window. The association reluctantly tows unidentified cars left in numbered spaces or short term parking if the driver cannot be easily located to move the vehicle.

     The short-term parking between the buildings is for everyone's convenience. No one wants to come home with groceries and find no space to unload. Please unload your car and repark it as soon as possible. Cars should not be left in the short-term parking overnight. There are not enough spaces to permit visitor parking in the short-term spaces and visitors may be towed. If you have a contractor who will need to use the short term space, please let the staff know.

     During snow emergencies, the condominium driveways are plowed early in the morning and throughout the day of the storm. Our snow contractor will clean between the spaces if the cars are temporarily moved from the lot. This is usually done in the early afternoon, around 1:00 PM. Residents need to move their cars to allow the proper removal of snow. If you will not be available to move your car, please speak with the building superintendent on how to get your car moved. The Hampshire House staff does not hand shovel the parking spaces.

Timing of the private plow is often beyond the staff's control. To make matters worse the West Hartford town plows frequently push snow into the entrances of our driveways. Many staff hours of hard work go into moving snow each winter. Please cooperate in snow emergencies so the process can be done as quickly as possible.

     During a major snow emergency owners of certain spaces at the west end of the upper parking deck are asked by the Association to park their cars in the 15-minute spaces between the buildings over night. This assists in snow removal from the deck during the night and early morning. Please avoid using the 15 minute spaces on evenings when heavy snow is predicted.

     During the day and evening visitor parking is usually available on Farmington Avenue and Outlook Drive. The police will ticket cars left on West Hartford streets overnight. Call the West Hartford police station at 860-523-5203 and your guest may be granted permission to park on the street overnight.
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• Pets

With Board permission, a resident may have small pets such as fish, birds or cats as long as they do not interfere with the peaceful enjoyment of Hampshire House by other residents and are confined to the resident's unit.

Pets are not allowed in the common areas inside or outside the building. Animals should be carried, preferably in an enclosure, while being transported. Walking a pet on a leash is not permitted in common areas.

A certificate from a medical provider as to the need for a dog is necessary before any dog will be approved. Dogs must be small in size (i.e. less than five (5) pounds), litter box trained and not present a health issue.

Under no circumstances will ferrets, snakes or dogs larger than five pounds be allowed with the exception of seeing eye dogs and hearing ear dogs permitted for those persons holding certificates of necessity.
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• Phone Numbers

Our Hampshire House Staff
Jacques Beaudoin, Building Superintendent 860-221-5571
Ron Pinney in 893 Building 860-221-5570
Scott Roberts in 887 Building 860-983-5737

Our HH Staff

Imagineers Sheila Duncan's Assistant 860-768-3471 option 3
Imagineers answering service for after hours emergencies at 860-768-3471 option 4
Viking Electric 860-666-5433
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• Pool

     In summer the pool is the favorite place for most of our residents, but people have different ideas of how they want to enjoy their pool. Some people want quiet and some want music. Some people want to enjoy a cigar stretched out on a lounge chair and some want it to be a smoke free area. Some people want to eat a sandwich while dangling their legs in the water and some think that is unsanitary. Some people want to have all their friends over for a dip and others do not want non-residents to use the pool.

     The pool rules try to strike a balance between the enviornment you would find in a library and the environment you would find at your local pub. It is impossible to please everyone, but we do have to please the public health department. You can find the pool rules in the sections of the website devoted to Rules. Pool rules are also distributed each May.

     A few years ago our pool became popular with many people who did not live at Hampshire House and were not guests of a resident. The Board of Directors hired someone to check people at the door and ask their unit number. Within two weeks the problem was under control and the door check was discontinued. If you see someone at the pool that you suspect does not live at Hampshire House, please report the incident to a staff member.
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• Plumbing Leaks

     Leaking water can be an annoying, uninvited guest. All leaks in a unit, including toilet, shower and faucet leaks, are the responsibility of the unit owner. All leaks must be addressed immediately to avoid unnecessary water usage and prevent damage. Bath and shower areas must be maintained by properly grouting and caulking on a periodic basis. Even little leaks can cause mold problems behind walls and beneath a tub. Damage to common areas or other units caused by leaks will be repaired and the cost billed back to the unit owner's common charge account.

     The best defense against leaks is preventive measures. Repair or replace aging faucets and check cutoff valves to make sure they will stop water flow in an emergency. Promptly repair any signs of dripping below bathroom and kitchen sinks rather than just putting a bowl to catch a drip until you can get to it. Report any signs of a leak on your tub or shower ceiling to the maintenance staff immediately so they may check plumbing above your unit. When it comes to plumbing, a drop of prevention can be worth gallons of leaking water. Hampshire House maintenance staff will give you a quote on simple plumbing jobs that may be significantly lower than an outside plumber.
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• Renovations and Repair of Unit

     When hiring someone to work on your unit, please contact the building superintendent BEFORE starting work. The Association requires contractors to submit proof of license and insurance to protect Hampshire House from lawsuits. Owners may not alter supporting structural elements of the building. Nor may owners install walls to create an additional bedroom.
     Often our staff can perform minor repairs such as plumbing, hanging a mirror, installing curtain rods, etc. for at a lower cost than hiring an outside contractor. Please see the building superintendent if you would like an estimate on a job.
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•Resident Information

     All new residents are asked to complete the Resident Information Form and send it to our property manager at Hampshire House, c/o Imagineers LLC - 635 Farmington Ave - Hartford CT 06015 This will allow us to contact you and to indentify your vehicles.
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•Service Request

     Owners requesting services on their unit or the common areas may contact
Building Superintendent Jacques Beaudoin at 860-221-5571,
or Sheila Duncan thru her assistant Rachel Fazzino at 860-768-3471 option 3,
or use the Service Request Form and mail it to Hampshire House, c/o Imagineers LLC - 635 Farmington Ave - Hartford CT 06015

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• Shopping Carriages

     The Association provides shopping carriages at the rear entrance of each building for the convenience of residents taking groceries and other items up to their unit. You are asked not to use the carts for laundry because the metal mesh of the carts will not contain detergent and bleach spills on the hallway carpets, not to mention the use of the same cart for food and dirty laundry. Please do not leave the carriages in the hallways, as this is a violation of the local fire code. Carriages should be returned to underneath the stairwell at the rear entrance.
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• Storage Bins

     Each building has a ground floor storage room divided into individual bins assigned to units. See above section on Keys. There is no additional charge for a unit's storage bin.
State Fire Code dictates that items cannot be placed within 18 inches of the sprinkler heads. Sprinklers must be able to spray into adjacent bins because not every bin has a sprinkler head.
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• Steam Showers

     When the building was designed, each unit had a steam outlet in one of the bathtubs that was activated by a switch on the wall. Steam showers quickly went out of fashion and the units have been removed. These appliances were located in a closet adjacent to the bathroom.
The water pipe was cut and soldered closed and the electrical wires properly disconnected. If you have any questions about these old connections, please contact the building superintendent.
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• Suggestions and Comments

     All residents are invited to speak during the open comment session held at the beginning of each board meeting. Mail can be directed to the Hampshire House Board of Directors, 893 Farmington Avenue, West Hartford, CT 06119.
     The Hampshire House Website is published by the Association's Board of Directors. To make suggestions on this website or for technical difficulties, please contact Jan Tanner in 887 3H.
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• Trash Chutes, Dumpsters and Recycling

     There are three large dumpsters behind the building at 893 Farmington Ave. Two are for general household trash and the third is a recycling dumpster for glass bottles, jars and cans as well as plastic with recycling triangles with a 1, 2 or 3. Paper grocery bags, newspapers, magazines, junk mail and cardboard may also be recycled in this dumpster. Please do not put Styrofoam in the recycling dumpster which causes the Association to be fined. Please close the sliding panels on the dumpsters to discourage animals from getting into the trash.

     If you have an item too large to fit through the side door of a dumpster, contact one of the staff and they will unlock the lid of the dumpster for you. If you have a very large piece of furniture or appliance for trash, please call the West Hartford trash removal service (Paine's Recycling & Rubbish Removal, 860-844-3000) and arrange for a permit and pickup.

     Many residents have a habit of dumping their trash in the dumpsters daily on the way to the parking deck or garage. Others prefer to put their trash down the chutes. Trash put down the chutes must be placed in a securely tied plastic bag. Please be aware these chutes back up to a unit's bedroom wall and do not bang the door to try to force a large bag of trash down the chute.

     There is a trash compactor at the base of each chute. Each of these $8000 machines can be damaged if the wrong items are thrown down the chutes.

     Human and animal waste incuding diapers, disposable underwear, syringes and litter MUST NOT be sent down the trash chutes. This rule provides a healthier work environment for our staff maintaining the trash compactors. In particular, cat litter in plastic bags tends to explode on impact and create a terrible mess in the trash rooms. If you are physically unable to carry these items to the dumpster, please contact the staff to work out a solution.

    Please drain the liquid from any item put in the trash chute.

The following recyclables SHOULD NOT be thrown down the trash chutes:
      plastic milk cartons
      plastic bottles
      glass items
      metal cans
      magazines and newspapers
      wire clothes hangers

     The above items can be placed on the floor of the trash chute closet for recycling. Refundable cans and bottles can also be left in the chute closets and they will be returned to the store. Food cans, bottles and jars should be rinsed before being placed in the trash chute closets to prevent insect infestations. Please leave stacks of newspapers and magazines in paper grocery bags for disposal.
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• Wheelchair Accessibility

     Building 887 has a ramp at the front entrance. Building 893 has a ground level entrance in the rear with a short step.
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